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Like the colors of a butterfly's wings the instrumental music on the Butterflies CD is a subtle tapestry of optimistic moods.

The music of the Butterflies CD was a solo music project by Kevin Atwood.

Atwood skillfully crafted twelve original instrumental songs filled with light, love, hope and beautiful sounds to lift your spirits and carry you away to a care free positive mind set.


Click on image to hear a sample of the song
Island Princess1) Island Princess - A beautiful native girl dances to the music of her village aware of her place in the universe and is one with all of creation. She is dancing to the music of her conscience universe.
Photoshoped Butterfly2) Butterflies - Just as the butterflies emerge from their cocoons creatures transformed we are transformed by shedding our old beliefs that limit our thinking and spiritual growth. And although the cocoon is comfortable and warm it does not offer the freedom of wings of spiritual growth.
Butterfly Collage3) Migration - To migrate to the next plateau of humanity, our souls must work together to realize our ultimate and most unselfish spiritual objective, drawing closer to our source, God.
Sunset over mountain4) Praise the Sun - Father Sun is the center of our solar system and the provider of light and life to all things within. The amplitude of apathy of his importance to the human race is over shadowed by apathy of the number of suns.
Picture of a small round window5) Small Window - The myopia of a belief system is like looking through a small window. As you grow your window grows as well. When you have fully evolved spiritually there will no longer be a window or a wall to hold it. Think out the box, in fact forget about the box altogether.
picture of two ladies in a restaurant6) Waiting For Julie - Time is not a constant. It is affected by our perception of reality. The less aware we are the faster it passes. The more aware we are the longer it takes for time to pass. That is why minutes can fell like days when your waiting for someone you love.
Picture of an old Tower7) The Tower - The tower in the distance stands dark, ominous and overwhelming. As we draw closer its prominence becomes less disturbing until it grows to into peacefulness. The tower is the end of a journey of a physical life cycle and the beginning of a new incarnation.
Picture of fish swiming in a circle8) Underwater - Like a symphony of life, the oceans play out their songs of life. From the smallest microbes to largest whales each dances and plays its individual parts to nature’s musical score impeded by a planetary virus called mankind.
Picture of a child and lady at the piano9) Mum - The goddess with unending and relentless devotion to all she loves. She deserves all the respect and compassion we can give her. We owe our very existence and happiness to her love and devotion.
A picture of an native american10) On a Clear Day - It’s easy to loose yourself in the clouds of day-to-day triviality. And even though we have good intentions, some days the direction of our path can become uncertain and unclear. In our short slightness the clouds can become more important than the path or our final goal. When this happens we must see beyond the clouds and the distortion that blocks the way to the truth and just like on a clear day, you will be able to see for miles.
Picture of a group of South American11) The Gathering - The efforts of many combined as one. The aggregate being greater than any of the parts. The oneness of all things on all levels even beyond our perception and awareness. This is the foundation of objective reality.
Picture of a teddy bear and airplane12) Airport Games - People come to welcome travelers and or to bid them goodbye. As you walk though the airport you can hear sounds of joy or sadness as people come and go. People move through halls, wait and watch for their luggage and check the score board for their flight status. But from a child's perspective, it's like a game.

The Creator of Butterflies

Kevin Atwood with guitar in studio

Kevin Atwood (born September 13, 1957) is a Canadian multi-instrumentalist and composer, working in a style that blends progressive rock, folk, ethnic or world music, classical music, electronic music and New Age. He has been composing music for over 30 years. His music has been used in television and radio productions all over the world.

Atwood single-handedly conceived, wrote, performed and produced all the music on Butterflies.

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The Instruments Used on the Butterflies CD


Picture of Mighty Mite guitar Mighty Mite Kit Electric Guitar

a picture of a Parker Nite Fly guitar Parker Nite Fly Electric Guitar

a picture of a Washburn 12 string guitar Washburn Twelve String Guitar

a picture of a Yamaha Classical guitar Yamaha Classical Guitar

picture of a Rickenbacker 4001 CS Rickenbacker 4001 CS Electric Bass

picture of a Rickenbacker 340 guitar Rickenbacker 340 Guitar

a picture of a Epiphone guitar Epiphone Acoustic Guitar

Synthesizers and Samplers

AKAI S5000 Sampler AKAI S-5000 Sampler

EM-U ESI-32 E-MU ESI-32 Sampler

E-MU-Proteus-2000 E-MU-Proteus-2000 Sample Player

E-MU-Proteus-XF Sample Player

Korg-O3RW Korg-O3RW Sample Player

Korg-MS2000R Korg-MS2000R Synthesizer

Roland_S-330 Roland_S-330 Sampler

Roland-JV-1080 Roland-JV-1080 Sample Player

Roland-JX-8P Synthesizer

Roland JX-10 Roland JX-10 Synthesizer

Korg DW-8000 Korg DW-8000 Synthesizer

yamaha_dx7 Yamaha DX-7 FM Synthesizer

Yamaha TX-7 Yamaha TX-7 FM Synthesizer Module

Other Items

Line-6-POD-2.0 Line-6 POD-2.0 for Guitar

Line6 Bass POD Line6 Bass POD for Electric Bass

Mac G4Macintosh G4 CPU

Music sequencing software used for this music project was LOGIC platinum

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Butterflies CD Cover

Butterflies CD

By Kevin Atwood

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Butterflies CD Cover

Butterflies CD

By Kevin Atwood

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A butterfly lights beside us like a sunbeam

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Author Unknown

In this over stimulated, noisy world its nice to know there is something you can listen to ... take a deep breath and simply enjoy being alive!














All music and materials and copy are copyright 2012 by Kevin Atwood